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Monthly Archives: June 2009

With Push IM for iPhone You’re always online

Attention iPhone users: Push instant messaging is now available. This means you can now stay connected to your instant message service like AIM or Gmail chat on your phone even when it’s in sleep mode.  With Push instant messaging, you can receive instant messages the same way you receive text messages. BeeJive is one of the first Instant Message clients to take advantage of this instant message feature. It has been reported by users that push IM works quite nicely. On the iPhone 3GS, the instant messages appeared almost immediately on the screen, even when other applications were in use. The messages appear in a small box, giving the option to close the message for later, or view it in the BeeJive app. It has been reported however that during testing there were a few occasions where... --

Safari 4 Arrives with New Features

The newest version of Apple’s web browseris now available. The company announced Safari 4 is available for download from Apple’s website.  The emphasis with this release is speed. Safari 4 features an updated page rendering engine and a revamped JavaScript engine that improves the performance of the webs applications. Safari 4 has a new feature that lets you flip through previous web pages in Cover Flow mode; the same way you view album art in iTunes. Spotlight search has been added to the browser as well, so you can search the text within recently-viewed web pages using the system-wide search tool.  A great feature includes a crash protection mechanism that keeps the browser running, even if a plug-in crashes. The latest version of Safari had been in beta since February. A demo of the new features was... --

Facebook lets users customize the URL on their profile

Your Facebook profile’s URL right now ends in a string of numbers that is not so easy for anyone to remember. The social networking site changed this on Friday by allowing users to customize a profile URL. This will make URLs on the site easier to remember,much cleaner, and give users the abbility to network their page to others. Names can be claimed on a first come, first served basis. Any name you choose has to be at least five characters long, and they can only contain letters or numbers.Once the user name is established, you won’t be able to change or transfer it. As of now, this feature is only available to users; groups do not get human friendly URLs at this time. Facebook has a full rundown of the eligibility requirements posted on its site. ... --

Flickr Makes it Simple to Post Photos on Twitter

The most popular way to post photos on Twitter has become the photo hosting service Twitpic. But what about that photos that you have loaded on Flickr? Is there a way to get those pictures over to Twitter? Flickr had has ignored Twitter in the past. But that is about to change. Flickr has quietly corrected its oversight by providing a new method of cross-posting your uploaded images to your Twitter stream.  Rather than adding a new tool, Flickr added Twitter to a list of options on the “blog this” link that appears next to each photo. While you’ll need to give Flickr permission to access your Twitter account, it has implemented this account verification using Twitter’s new OAuth support, so there’s no need to give away your Twitter username or password. Just follow the link... --

Zune.net receives new features and content

Zune was down recently as Microsoft updated its site to debut its new content on the website, such as the ability to follow artists and bands. The updates also included a bunch of improvements to the site performance and a redesigned homepage show off its social applications. Zune users can now receive updates when their band or artist is on tour. Logging into the site will provide a list of their most frequently listened to artists or bands so users can start choosing which group they would like to follow. A list of those who users are currently following will then appear on the social page. Another feature of the social page is that users can add news sites to an artist's bio page, so that all the updated blog posts can be seen from one... --

Netbooks Video and Audio speed to Get a boost

Most of today's netbooks on the market run Intel’s Atom processor, which is not powerful enough to handle the high demands of video or audio playback. Terga is betting it can fix that with its latest attempt to join the growing netbook market If you have tried to watch youtube or hulu on a netbook, your machine might have either crashed immediately or at least struggled its way through the clip. Nvidia’s latest system-on-a-chip, Tegra, could make your next netbook a video powerhouse. Nvidia is betting the demand for video and music will drive demand for its products. At the Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan, Nvidia listed PC manufacturers like Wistron, Foxconn, and Pegatron as those who plan to release Tegra-based netbooks by the end of this year. The Tegra includes  a high-definition video processor, an... --

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