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Hot Spots in Los Angeles for Geeks Young and Old

With summer in full swing, even the greatest computer repair gurus think about taking a break. However, rather than heading to boring beaches or tacky theme parks, tech geeks like to plan pilgrimages designed to get their geek on. In Los Angeles, there are lots of places where tech savvy people can enjoy themselves and maybe even learn something new. That’s why we’ve gathered up a few places in Los Angeles that tech lovers of all ages can check out and enjoy.

California Science Center Air and Space Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)

Solidifying Los Angeles’ long-standing history as a leader in the aviation and aerospace technology industries is the Air and Space Gallery at the California Science Center. It’s easy to get lost in the walls of this museum.... --

Move Over Silicon Valley, Los Angeles Has These Tech Giants of Its Own

los angeles You may have heard of Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley has long been known as the center of the tech world. Companies like Apple, Facebook, and Oracle have made homes there. The number of tech companies there even spawned a television show called Silicon Valley. However, have you heard of Silicon Beach in Los Angeles? Tech companies have been flocking to the great weather, better views, and the beach. Across LA, tech companies are flocking to the city. Not just the beach, but all-around LA. How many of these companies do you know?

#1. Google

In Venice, you can find one of the Google campuses. These campuses are full of wonder. The accommodations are incredible, from on-site chefs to basketball courts; working for the leader... --

Thinking about Streaming? We Asked These Streamers What You Need

computer When I was a child, my friends would come over, and we would take turns playing the hot new video games. My parents would always tell me “Your friends don’t want to watch you play video games!”, but it turns out I was just too early. Today, there are entire services dedicated to people watching you play video games. The biggest one, of course, is Twitch; most people know about Twitch. The big streamers are a whole new kind of internet celebrity. They’ve got sponsors and more fans than you’d imagine. If you want to tap into this culture, there are things you’ll need to start with. Some of the things you’ll need aren’t going to be cheap, like a custom gaming computer.... --

Become a Mac Wizard with these Hidden Features

computer repairs Getting a new Mac fills you with excitement. Whether you have just gotten your first MacBook, or you’re a long time iMac user, you feel that same excitement every time. You probably know that your Mac’s solid, user oriented design means fewer trips for computer repairs, as well as less adware removal. However, there are troves of features you might not be aware of. Over the years, OS X has added tons of new features that you’ll find: simple quality of life features, as well as bigger security and productivity features. Read on to see how many of these you may already know.

Trim Down Your Screenshots

If you’re taking a lot of screenshots, you’ll find this is a feature you can’t live... --

Do You Use CrashPlan? What Computer Backup Service Are You Using Now?

Crashplan’s announcement that they’re ending support for consumer accounts happened in August, and their offer of 60 extra days of computer backup service is about to end. As the best computer repair services in LA, PC Fixer is here to help you decide which online backup service to use which offers security, reliability and performance so you're never left worrying about your important data. Now that one of the best backup services is gone, you’re probably searching for some information and guidance. Fortunately, there are a lot of services that can replace your old CrashPlan backup. Alternatively, you can build your own cloud backup.

Pick a Different Service

Officially, CrashPlan suggests you switch over to Carbonite, which is another well-established backup service. But before you do,... --

Telling Your Computer What To Do With Windows Speech Recognition

business computer servicesYou probably already know that your computer can talk to you.  Text to speech is fairly commonplace for listening to texts while keeping your hands on the wheel while driving. Many business computer services use text to speech in many applications for small business IT support. It helps when you need both hands free but need to keep on computing. But did you know that you can also talk back to your computer and have it listen?  Computer users have had this capability for a while. The name of this powerful tool is  Windows Speech Recognition.

What Is Windows Speech Recognition?

Microsoft first offered Windows Speech Recognition as an extra in Windows XP.   However, since Windows 7, Microsoft... --

The Hidden Cost of Cluttered Cables

business-computer-servicesMost computers need a lot of cables to connect them to just about everything else. Business computer services are experts at choosing cables wisely, and running them neatly to peripherals and the the local network. Most computers are not set up professionally, and it's common for cables to cluster up and get twisted together. This can quickly morph into a rat's nest of cables. Tangled computer cables are more than just an eyesore. They cost money, and can even cause an accident.

How Did My Cables Get So Cluttered?

There are lots of reasons to hire a business computer service to straighten out your poorly managed cables. Time is money, and very few businesses have enough of either. Business computer systems usually grow over... --

Netflix Tosses the Baby With the VPN Bathwater

business computer service-pc fixer mac and pc repairNetflix has a problem. The video streaming service is required to license TV shows and movies for every country they do business in. That's a tall order. Netflix is a global entertainment provider. Netflix reduces their costs by only licensing certain entertainment in the country where it's most likely to be profitable. When you sign into your Netflix account, the company knows where you're located by your IP address. It automatically delivers only the content you're allowed to see in your area. That led to a certain amount of frustration with users in one country who would like to watch the same programs as viewers just over a dotted line on the map. Pretty much anything that's available on the Internet... --

Why Microsoft Edge Should Be Your Go-To Browser, and Why It Won’t Be

home computer service-pcsfixer.com-microsoft edge browserThere's been a lot of talk about Windows 10 in the tech press. Most of the reviews concentrated on compatibility with legacy software and older hardware that made the change from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 difficult. Our home computer service techs have been helping our customers change over to the new operating system, and the vast majority of upgrades had no problems at all. That's made Windows 10 a hit. What about the new browser that comes with the new operating system? Microsoft Edge has replaced Internet Explorer, but few observers have been analyzing exactly how it's different. We think that Edge has a lot of things going for it that should make it your go-to browser.... --

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Windows 10

pc fixer mac and pc repair-home computer serviceA common reason for home computer service is the installation of a new operating system. Computers last a very long time these days, and some PC users started out with Windows XP and ended up on Windows 10, with all the steps in between. In the bad old says when everything inside your desktop either broke down or was made obsolete every couple of years, you'd always end up with a new operating system when you bought a new computer. Nowadays you can count on your desktop computer to hang in there for a decade, and you'll have to upgrade your OS or your friends will point and laugh at your Windows Vista desktop, and wonder if... --

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