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How Tech Investments Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

What goals have you set for your business’s future? Would you like to broaden your customer base, boost your income, and improve customer satisfaction? If so, a few tech-related investments could help you do all that and then some. Read on for a few ideas on how technology can take your business to the next level.

Invest in Reliable Equipment

When you’re running your business, you want to be sure you have the equipment you can count on, whether it’s a laptop, multifunctional printer, or business software. And if you’re on the go often, it’s critical that you have a smartphone that can handle many of your day-to-day tasks. A high-performing smartphone can handle video calls, emails, and numerous apps that can... --

Hot Spots in Los Angeles for Geeks Young and Old

With summer in full swing, even the greatest computer repair gurus think about taking a break. However, rather than heading to boring beaches or tacky theme parks, tech geeks like to plan pilgrimages designed to get their geek on. In Los Angeles, there are lots of places where tech savvy people can enjoy themselves and maybe even learn something new. That’s why we’ve gathered up a few places in Los Angeles that tech lovers of all ages can check out and enjoy.

California Science Center Air and Space Gallery (Los Angeles, CA)

Solidifying Los Angeles’ long-standing history as a leader in the aviation and aerospace technology industries is the Air and Space Gallery at the California Science Center. It’s easy to get lost in the walls of this museum.... --

Move Over Silicon Valley, Los Angeles Has These Tech Giants of Its Own

los angeles You may have heard of Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley has long been known as the center of the tech world. Companies like Apple, Facebook, and Oracle have made homes there. The number of tech companies there even spawned a television show called Silicon Valley. However, have you heard of Silicon Beach in Los Angeles? Tech companies have been flocking to the great weather, better views, and the beach. Across LA, tech companies are flocking to the city. Not just the beach, but all-around LA. How many of these companies do you know?

#1. Google

In Venice, you can find one of the Google campuses. These campuses are full of wonder. The accommodations are incredible, from on-site chefs to basketball courts; working for the leader... --

Become a Mac Wizard with these Hidden Features

computer repairs Getting a new Mac fills you with excitement. Whether you have just gotten your first MacBook, or you’re a long time iMac user, you feel that same excitement every time. You probably know that your Mac’s solid, user oriented design means fewer trips for computer repairs, as well as less adware removal. However, there are troves of features you might not be aware of. Over the years, OS X has added tons of new features that you’ll find: simple quality of life features, as well as bigger security and productivity features. Read on to see how many of these you may already know.

Trim Down Your Screenshots

If you’re taking a lot of screenshots, you’ll find this is a feature you can’t live... --

Computer Maintenance for Hardware and Software

Just like automobiles, a computer needs maintenance and general TLC. Many components of a computer are moving, mechanical parts, and in addition the software must be maintained. Any Los Angeles computer repair technician can explain these matters. Laptop repair Los Angeles for broken fans and overheating

The Dangers of Dust

One of the primary damaging things a computer can suffer from is dust buildup inside. This causes issues with heat and can clog the cooling fans directly. In terms of electronics, heat is one of the main factors in performance and reliability. As electrical components get hotter, they transfer electrons less efficiently. This is why computers, and high performance computers especially, have specific modules and systems to cool the electrical... --

The McKinnon Hack

On 15 December 2009, a photograph was taken of Janis Sharp, the mother of Gary McKinnon, and the Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, outside the Home Office in Westminster. They were there to protest against the extradition of McKinnon, aged 44, to the US on charges of computer fraud. Eight years earlier McKinnon, an Asperger's syndrome sufferer, had hacked repeatedly into Pentagon and NASA networks. [caption id="attachment_2150" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Repair experts for business computer services and information security Gary McKinnon, photo from www.theguardian.com[/caption] Opposition made adopting principled positions simpler. Clegg also stated that his personal view on the case remained unchanged - McKinnon should ideally be tried in a British court. In 2001, McKinnon was living with his girlfriend, Tamsin, in a flat in north London. He was, says... --

The Drop Off Computer Repair Hustle

After a certain amount of years repairing in a drop off computer repair environment, around ten in my case, one can expect to see all different types of issues and almost every model of consumer computer. Certain repairs will come in where research will be required to troubleshoot the computer problems the issues at hand, in addition to innumerable other damaged systems encompassing a wide range of variables. 

MacBook repair Culver City and Los Angeles The Water Damage Repair Challenge

Personally, I love unique and challenging hardware repairs. One in particular stood out: a MacBook Air LCD repair after water damage on the system. Simple enough as a cookie cutter repair, although quite... --

Data Recovery in Los Angeles

Data recovery is a burgeoning industry, one that is of ever increasing value and importance in Los Angeles and beyond. As more and more industries are relying on computers, and therefore hard drives, to store their data, these systems need to be tended to and verified as healthy. pcfixer can repair crashed hard drives and provide data recovery

Backup Solutions

Data backup solutions are of utmost importance, whether it be on site backup hard drives or a cloud storage based storage option. However, all computer systems will at some point face a problem or type of failure.

Data Recovery

When a hard drive fails, and no backup is available, all the data from a computer system may be lost. A data recovery... --

Sick of the Apple Store? We fix MacBooks for less

Have any of you noticed that going to the Apple store is a lot like going to the department of motor vehicles? There is a better option. Support a local Los Angeles Mac repair business instead of the richest business in the world.  You will get better customer support and experience and kind technicians - not the “geniuses” at the Apple store. pcfixer technicians are Apple Certified for computer repairs I can't tell you how many times people have come into our store with a completely incorrect diagnosis on their MacBook.  Not only that, Apple’s M.O. is to sell you a new computer, not fix your old one. We can help.  We offer screen repairs for Macs, PCs, iPhones and iPads... --

SEO and Southern California Computer Repair Businesses

PC Fixer has invested somewhat in Search Engine Optimization and is somewhat happy with the results.  As we have learned, the whole process is part science and part art.  That is because the algorhythm that Google and other search engines use is a closely held secret.  For example, we have learned that there are hundreds of different factors that determine search engine rank for particular keywords.  How your site is designed, outside links and the site's overall content are three of the biggest factors.  Although each search engine places different values on every factor, focusing your efforts on these three factors will serve to increase your search engines rankings acrross the board. PC Fixer's focus on SEO has been to get more business in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Playa del Rey, Culver City and... --

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