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Category Archives: Technology

TSW and the dongle needs food

Eastern Car Care in East Los Angeles had a problem:  Their gas station management software just stopped opening.  Mysteriously they received a message that a file named NmMulti.inf was missing the same day.  It didnt take long to figure out that their parallel port was to blame and sure enough the dreaded (sometimes) yellow exclamation point showed up under device manager.  After searching and downloading the correct drivers (three attempts later), the parallel port was working but the TSW program still would not open.  It was then that I realized that the parallel port had a dongle hooked up to it that was preventing the program from opening.  Luckily a simple reboot after installing the new parellel port drives did the trick and PC Fixer managed to be a hero in the Los Angeles Computer... --

Straight outta West Los Angeles…from the trenches of the Malware Battleground!

I didnt have to fight one virus or spyware today! This is highly unusual. I think it is because I only worked on 6 computers today at 3 different clients. The first client has no qualms about admitting to downloading porn. In fact, PC Fixer showed him how to download it "safely". We set him up with ZoneAlarm Firewall with spam and spyware protection and Eset NOD32 Antivirus over a year ago. He regularly scans with Spyware Doctor 4.0 and he has not had a serious infection ever since. And this person had thousands of infections when PC Fixer first started working with him. Our second appointment was to help a client share calendars without an Exchange Server. We set him up with a special program that allows him to do this for his... --

Fix the motherboard heatsink with superglue

I opened the dead computer case today to find a motherboard heatsink clip had pulled loose from the motherboard.  I pushed the clips back in very deep and applied some very thin liquid superglue and let it dry for 10 minutes.  I then swabbed up the reminder of the glue to prevent any shorts since superglue could possibly be conductive.  I then cleaned the heatsink and chipset and clamped the heatsink clips back down.  It worked like a charm.... --

Photoshop CS3 Software Issue Fixed

Today I visited SignZone in Los Angeles.  They have so many different machines...expensive printing machines.  Roland Plotter Cutter Model # CX-500 is a 48 inch machine!  SolJet Pro III XC-540 is a monster printer.  He even has a Royal Sovereign 54 inch color laminator.  Not to mention he has a CNC machine that cost 50,000 dollars.  To say he is prepared to makes signs is an understatement.  Chris is an expert in his field and his website, www.signzonela.com, is the best sign company in Los Angeles.  In fact, he frequently receives calls from other sign companies all around the United States who regard his expertise as one of the most valuable in the sign industry.  They frequently outsource sign work to Sign Zone because they have the equipment that many other sign companies dont. Chris needed help... --

OkiData 320 Turbo Printer was a pain

I made a visit to ProTech today on my day off.  What a waste of 2 hours.  I was defeated by a dot matrix printer and a Unix coded program called "ProIV".  This old billing program interfaces with the printer completely differently than I have ever seen in the past.  What a pain.  It seemed that it was a font issue.  Oh well, it isnt often that I run into a situation that I can figure out but it happens to the best of us.  Oh well, at least I was in Marina Del Rey.... --

Another day, another malware infection defeated

As this is my second blog, I have to wonder what my angle is.  I realize that there are millions of blogs so why would anybody read mine?  It isnt like it has the mass appeal of www.whatwhitepeoplelike.com but I am hoping that it may find it's way into the hearts of the common computer do-it-yourselfers.  After all, I know that I would have loved to know more about what the life of a real bad-code counter-puncher was like.  I hope there will be some information that is helpful to the world.  Eventually I will find a better, more interesting angle but for now I will just write about what happens. Today I went to Boston Pizza Company to deal with a surveillance DVR with my friend John Vaughan, owner of www.everyanglelp.com.  It was... --

What a day…PC Fixer fighting viruses in Los Angeles again

Hello all, this is Captain Robert of the SS PC Fixer.  Another day, another virus extinguished.  I cant help but feel that this will not be the last time.  There was trouble getting out the door and rescheduling for a client who I dont think remembered his appointment today.  Eventually I ended up at Mulholland Security where I fought with a nasty infection.  This infection took over his system and disabled so many different things.  For example, it disabled the control panel, it disabled the all programs on the start menu, it disabled the c drive under my computer, it disabled the task manager too!  In fact, all of these were disabled in safe mode even.  It even put a little "Virus Warning" text message next to the time.  Nice touch.  As if there were... --

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