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More Power to the Computer!

When your computer goes out of whack, searching for Los Angeles computer repair services can be a challenge. When you don’t know for sure what is wrong it is easy to become anxious. Is it the motherboard? Maybe it is only a computer virus? Sometimes the problem is that your computer’s power supply has become faulty.

Power supply service and computer repair West Hollywood

Power Supply Basics

The power supply is your computer’s first link to an outside system. It conditions the power coming from the electrical grid, and repurposes it into different volts and amp levels. For a laptop, the power supply is the cord and box that came with the system. For a desktop computer, the power supply is the box in the back of the tower that accepts the 3 prong heavy power cable with ground.

Hazards for the Power Supply

If there is a power surge or general issue from the grid, the power supply can take the brunt of the damage. Over-powering the system causes the capacitors to fail and can burn (and sometimes ignite!) the coils and switches inside. This is the same for a laptop connection, but because the laptop cord has a separate system for regulating and then dispersing power, surges are not as much of a worry for the motherboard.

When Power Fails

If your power supply has failed, the computer will no longer turn on. If a partial failure is evident (desktop systems only), the light on the box may come on but different components may not work, due to a lack of power or incorrect voltages.

This repair is also a relatively easy one for most systems. Desktop power supply replacement usually ranges from $100 to $160 depending on the wattage required from the PSU (power supply unit). For servers and other special desktop systems, this cost can rise dramatically due to the specific standards and specifications required for the replacement unit. For a laptop, usually the power adapter can be replaced for between $30 and $100.


The way to prevent problems with your power supply is to pay attention to your components as they age. If you find your machine behaving erratically for no discernable reason (that is, you have determined that it is not a computer virus or program failure), it might be that your power supply is dying. Consult with a computer repair expert to check on the status and age of your power supply. They do wear out with age, so keep that in mind as you review the condition of your machine.

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