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Motherboard Knows Best

For many people in Los Angeles computer repairs often involve problems with their motherboard. The ordinary user who is not a computer technician has a sense that the motherboard is an important component, but they may not know much about it in detail. The name itself conveys importance – after all, none of us would be here without a mother.

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What is the Motherboard?

The motherboard can be considered the heart of any desktop or laptop computer. The primary crucial components for the system are usually joined on the board. This includes such elements as the central processing unit and the memory. It also is where connectors will be located for the adding of peripherals to the computer system. In other words, if the motherboard does not function, your computer will not function. All the “extras” of your computer, the video cards, sound cards, hard drives, storage elements, and network cards, all have to work with and through the motherboard.

What Can Go Wrong With the Motherboard?

With laptops especially, motherboard failure can arise from the rough handling that comes with mobility, the effects of heat, and other general abuse factors. Motherboards fail because of power issues or faulty components. Power issues, caused by heat and differing power supplies, can cause capacitors to “pop”, or begin leaking electrostatic fluids. In addition, other components can break loose of their solder bonds due to heat and actual put stress on the board. Events like bending, dropping the computer, or sudden shaking of the machine can loosen those components. Some components will arbitrarily fail as well.

Repairing Motherboards

Depending on the age of the laptop, repairing a motherboard may or may not be beneficial or prudent. For older systems especially, it is often difficult to find a replacement motherboard in good condition, if available at all. And then, these replacement parts can suffer from the same problems that broke the initial component. This renders the costs of repair moot and not recommended.

When a computer is diagnosed with a failed motherboard, one needs to thoroughly review the issues and costs with an IT professional, to determine the best course of action. These repairs can range (with parts and labor) from $200 to over $1000. Discussing the matter with an expert can help you determine whether repair or a new machine will be your best option.

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