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Planning for New Computer Equipment

Throughout Los Angeles business computer services can help customers plan for their future computer use. Just like any other piece of machinery, a computer has a “shelf life” and an operational lifespan. It will help combat frustrations if users think about this and plan ahead.

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When to Upgrade your Computer Equipment

It is usually recommended to upgrade to a new computer more or less every 3 to 5 years. When the cost of repairs exceeds more than half the value of a new computer, it is time to move up. There are several common failures a typical computer may see and some are easier than others to repair. Others warrant the scrapping of a current system, replacing it with a new or tested refurbished model.

Two common issues that could bring a user to this point: problems with the LCD screen and difficulties with the hard drive.

LCD Problems

On a laptop, the LCD screen is a very fragile and important piece of hardware. This can be damaged by dropping the computer, debris hitting the screen, or general wear and tear. Oftentimes, the backlight system will fail. This component is relatively easy to replace in the hands of a skilled technician, and depending on the model of computer this repair is often suggested in lieu of simply scrapping the system.

LCD repairs on Windows computers can range from $150 to $300 just to start with. MacBook LCD repairs are a different matter, because of the newer unibody glass construction. These Apple systems can still be serviced, but at a higher price point than other laptops due to the labor involved.

Difficulties with Hard Drives

As a moving part, the hard drive is prone to failure. These components can be damaged by shock from drops, electrical issues, and a lifespan limit. The industry standard for hard disk operation life is on average 3-5 years.

When a disk fails or begins to fail, a skilled technician can quickly assess the recovery needs and attempt to either copy the disk to a new one that can be installed in the machine, or recover the data manually and reinstall an operating system on the computer’s new disk, migrating the data. These repairs are common, but often difficult.

Consider Costs and Consult Experts

Users should be aware that depending on the nature of the computer failure, recovery of all data on the hard drive is not guaranteed. These repairs can range from $200 with parts and labor to well over several hundred dollars if recovery is necessary. Consult with your IT professional to determine the best course of action in moving forward.

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