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Where is Technology Going?

Where is technology going? It’s as if new innovations are always bragging about getting smaller, faster, and smarter. Is that a good thing? 

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Not necessarily, but we all do seem to be buying into it. Not that we’re really in control either, however. I suppose we are in charge in terms of the power of the purse. We can simply opt not to purchase the latest smart-watch gadget or newest iPhone 5 ½ . Something about that doesn’t feel right however. 

It’s too easy to fall behind nowadays.  That is why you need the best computer repair services in Los Angeles by your side.
People born in the 1980’s and thereafter more than likely grew up with a computer in the classroom. Does “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” ring a bell?  That was the title of an edutainment series that helped teach geography and reference skills to students. I used to have to play that game in school. A video game in school? How cool.
My parents were excited about the idea too because they saw the wave of the future happening and surely didn’t want their offspring falling behind. Kudos to them for their support because these days, I’m pretty dialed in when it comes to the latest and greatest in gadgets and technology.
The interesting side note however is that those lovely parents of mine still use flip phones, and in my opinion there’s nothing smart about that. To them, the simplicity is key. To me, said simplicity is the biggest downfall. And the icing on the cake – they don’t even know how to text! Moreover, they’ve gone out of their way to turn off the messaging service altogether. This in my opinion is really too bad, because we sure would be able to keep in better contact. 

Sadly they don’t even know what they’re missing. Their loss.  

You can always call the experts at PC Fixer.  Its always free to chat about an tech-related issue.  310.948.0588 or email us at info@marvistec.com

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