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The Hidden Cost of Cluttered Cables

business-computer-servicesMost computers need a lot of cables to connect them to just about everything else. Business computer services are experts at choosing cables wisely, and running them neatly to peripherals and the the local network. Most computers are not set up professionally, and it’s common for cables to cluster up and get twisted together. This can quickly morph into a rat’s nest of cables. Tangled computer cables are more than just an eyesore. They cost money, and can even cause an accident.

How Did My Cables Get So Cluttered?

There are lots of reasons to hire a business computer service to straighten out your poorly managed cables. Time is money, and very few businesses have enough of either. Business computer systems usually grow over time, and it’s hard to budget enough time to organize cables and run them neatly. Many companies do all the work themselves, without the benefit of small business IT support. Workers hurry to get their computers up and running with little thought of properly organizing the cables. Other times, a business computer service is hired to install new technology on top of a system already in place. Without starting over, proper cable management is difficult.

How Do Poorly Managed Cables Cost Me Money?

If your company needs business computer services to troubleshoot a problem, they’ll have to spend extra time to simply sort through the wires to find the one they need. This causes the technician to charge extra time just to manage a large tangle of chords. This is especially true when they are digging through a web of identical, unlabeled cables to find the one they need. Many cables are jammed into tight, barely accessible spaces, making it still more difficult for a technician to properly unravel things. This means you’ll spend more money on business computer services than necessary.

Another problem to watch out for is allowing cords to pile up on the floor, or hang behind equipment. These are much more likely to suffer damage from crushing or sagging than properly routed cables. Properly managed cabling saves money in the long run on equipment and labor.

The Problems Don’t Stop There

Poorly managed cables can create a hazard. Customers and employees can trip over cables that pile up on the floor. Tripping over cables can not only injure someone. It can also seriously damage the equipment the cables plugged are connected to. Cables that people crush underfoot may suffer damage and need replacement from small business IT support staff.

In addition, poorly managed cables can give potential customers the wrong idea. First impressions are always important for a business. An office full of messy cables gives visitors the impression of sloppy work habits. If you receive visits from customers or prospective clients frequently, having a clean and uncluttered office is a must for a good presentation.

How Can I Better Manage My Cables?

There are many different ways that business computer services can better manage their cables. One of the best things to use is cable trays or racks. Wire racks work well for running power or data cables overhead or under the floor. You can use cable racks to route and provide support for your cables. Cable trays keep them from hanging above or laying haphazardly on the floor. If you have many cables that you need keep together, consider using Velcro straps or zip ties to keep them secured.

Another good idea is to invest in a label printer to add labels to your cables. This takes the guesswork out of managing cables. It makes it very easy for troubleshooters to immediately understand which cable goes to which device. You can also label Velcro straps and zip ties to manage and help organize large groups of cables.

Don’t Be Afraid To Hire Help

Poor cable management costs you money in the long run. It may not cost you a lot of money up front, but it will waste a computer repair technician’s time, and shorten the life of your equipment. Taking a little extra time to invest in proper cable management will help you in the long run. For the best outcomes, it’s smart to call on business computer services to do the job quickly and professionally. They’ll do a better job in less time than doing it yourself, and good organization just makes good business sense.

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