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Los Angeles Computer Optimization and Upgrades

Toshiba laptop repair for slow computersPC Fixer has 17 years of computer tuning and upgrades experience. Nobody is better at it than our team. When you need a quick analysis of your computer issue, our team is readily available to you. We provide fast, efficient service at reasonable cost with trained, experienced and friendly technicians. Whether you have a PC or a Mac, a desktop, laptop, server, or a tablet, we can handle your slow and buggy computer problems and get you back up to full speed quickly.

There are times when you need a small business IT service provider to come to you and quickly determine what might be ailing your machine. Our team at PC Fixer works fast to review your system and diagnose your problems. We take great pride in always trying to save our customers and businesses money by always considering the long-term impact of any technology-related decision.

Computer Tuning and UpgradesFrom our Los Angeles location we dispatch excellent technicians who arrive and provide a fast diagnosis of any software error message, crashed computer, or slow system or network and provide thorough scans, patches, and fixes to problem programs and codes. We will evaluate your current software and repair, update, or upgrade your software programs to fit your needs without putting you over budget by using free software whenever possible. PC Fixer is ready to assess the nature of the work needed to get your computer in full working order. Our technicians will focus on fixing whatever software or hardware problem you have.

We can check the following:

  • Slow performance
  • Freezing up / locking out
  • Operating system functions
  • Program functions
  • Error messages
  • Out-of-date software
  • Security holes and virus protection
  • Malware infestations
  • Disk drive health
  • And any other software repair your computer may need!

When you need immediate tuning, repairs or software installation and upgrade services, call PC Fixer today at 310.948.0588 and let us know how we can address your computer repair needs.  Please also feel free to email us at info@pcsfixer.com and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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