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Los Angeles Computer News

What goals have you set for your business’s future? Would you like to broaden your customer base, boost your income,
With summer in full swing, even the greatest computer repair gurus think about taking a break. However, rather than heading
You may have heard of Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley has long been known as the center of the tech world.
When I was a child, my friends would come over, and we would take turns playing the hot new video
computer repairs
Getting a new Mac fills you with excitement. Whether you have just gotten your first MacBook, or you’re a long
Crashplan’s announcement that they’re ending support for consumer accounts happened in August, and their offer of 60 extra days of
business computer services
You probably already know that your computer can talk to you.  Text to speech is fairly commonplace for listening to
Most computers need a lot of cables to connect them to just about everything else. Business computer services are experts
business computer service-pc fixer mac and pc repair
Netflix has a problem. The video streaming service is required to license TV shows and movies for every country they
home computer service-pcsfixer.com-microsoft edge browser
There's been a lot of talk about Windows 10 in the tech press. Most of the reviews concentrated on compatibility
A common reason for home computer service is the installation of a new operating system. Computers last a very long
Data storage options of hard drive or thumb drive
Pledging to back up all your computer files is like a New Year’s Eve resolution. You mean it when you
PC Fixer helps with computer security
Do you think you've never used technology so advanced that it needed computer security like encryption? Think again! When you
small business IT support for non mechanical keyboards
As more mobile devices become easily available, issues with touch screens and keyboards become more pertinent for small business IT
trojan horse virus computer repair Los Angeles
Among the various types of computer repair Los Angeles consumers need help with the most are problems caused by malware infections.
Sometimes Los Angeles computer repairs are prompted by heavy gaming use. After all, one of the primary contemporary uses for computers,
New MacBook Air
Earlier this month,  Apple CEO Tim Cook rolled out the latest development in its MacBook lineup. The simply named New
Los Angeles computer repairs can cover a lot of different problems, from broken monitor screens to difficulties with the drives and
Keyboards galore
One type of computer repair Los Angeles residents may be familiar with is that of fixing their computer keyboards. The
PC power supply
When your computer goes out of whack, searching for Los Angeles computer repair services can be a challenge. When you don’t know
A computer's motherboard connects everything to everything else
For many people in Los Angeles computer repairs often involve problems with their motherboard. The ordinary user who is not
Throughout Los Angeles business computer services can help customers plan for their future computer use. Just like any other piece of
A powerful workstation computer is essential to video and graphic processing
Wherever we are in Los Angeles, most of us take for granted the workings of our computer monitors, trusting that
Latest Google technology at PC Fixer
Changes and advances in technology are quickly zooming into territory that previously belonged only to science fiction. One of the
Touch screens have quickly become a key part of our daily experience with communication and internet activity. We use them
Metadata can be a nightmare
Everyone talks about Metadata and privacy issues. There has been so much scary talk about metadata, that Knut A. Technogeek
Most computer users understand consequential damage to computer hardware. Now, we can dive into the exponentially deeper realm of consequential
Virus removal services can protect your system from damaging infections
Creating and providing antivirus software is a big industry in today’s business world. Any L.A. computer repair expert can tell
Metadata is generated with every phone call
Recent news stories have brought the term “metadata” to general public awareness. These developments often mention the privacy issues and
Smartphone office apps
Busy computer users often seek out useful office apps to help them with their tasks. These days, the smartphones in
The Apple App Store is currently the best one around. Of course you don't need an Apple device repair shop
A dusty CPU fan can cause your computer to overheat
Just like automobiles, a computer needs maintenance and general TLC. Many components of a computer are moving, mechanical parts, and
Make sure used electronic equipment is disposed of properly
Many people wonder how to recycle their old computer equipment when it becomes so much electronic waste (or e-waste). With
Different types of monitors and video connectors are now available to use with your computer. They range from big to
Bluetooth device support with same-day computer repair
Nowadays just about all new computers, tablets, and smartphones come with a wireless technology built in called Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows
On 15 December 2009, a photograph was taken of Janis Sharp, the mother of Gary McKinnon, and the Liberal Democrat
Computers and electronics repairs in general account for an incredibly wide range of businesses, production and day to day operations
After a certain amount of years repairing in a drop off computer repair environment, around ten in my case, one
Since their initial concept, development, and implementation, computers and computer services have come a long way in only 70 years.
In a basic office environment, there are a few constants in regards to infrastructure and how a computer network may
Where is technology going? It’s as if new innovations are always bragging about getting smaller, faster, and smarter. Is that a
Data recovery is a burgeoning industry, one that is of ever increasing value and importance in Los Angeles and beyond.
If This, Then That
My favorite new app these days is called IFTTT, and one of the best things about it is… it’s free.
Laptop repair and computer support Los Angeles
USB Port repair can be a troublesome issue.  Lets see, what happens?  You accidentally rip your cable out and it
Have any of you noticed that going to the Apple store is a lot like going to the department of
Knut has the worst luck, and he just doesn't understand it. He has a liquid spill to deal with on
December 15 2009, a picture was taken of Janis Sharp, Gary McKinnon's mother, along with the Liberal Democrat leader, Nick
Fars News Agency, a semi-official Iranian news network reported Sunday that the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps recently breached the security
Skinput is a system from Carnegie Mellon's Chris Harrison that monitors acoustic signals on your arm to translate gestures and
The Texas Department of State Health Services routinely collected blood samples from newborns to screen for a variety of health
Pennsylvania schools told to cease using spyware on students provided MacBooks in their district.
A federal judge on Monday ordered the Pennsylvania school district accused of spying on its students to stop activating the
Internet wireless services unite
The world's largest mobile phone carriers say they're joining forces to make it easier for software developers to write apps
New cyber security bill clears the US House
The House passed a new cybersecurity bill with an overwhelming majority vote. The Cybersecurity Enhancement Act, H.R. 4061 has a
New York Times moves to online subscription service
New York Magazine reports that the NY Times appears close to announcing that the paper will begin charging for access
Send aid to Haiti via smartphone text message
After a devastating 7.0 earthquake earlier this week, the Embassy of the United States in Haiti today has made it
Old fashioned coupons to be replaced by computerized online coupons
Are you a thrifty shopper who loves finding online coupons for the best deals on the items you need? If
The Parrot AR Drone among the new technology from the 2010 CES
Three-dimensional televisions, Internet-enabled TVs, touch-screen "tablet" computers, e-book readers and other fun new gadgets were scattered all over the enormous
Microsoft's Steve Ballmer at 2010 CES
Today, Microsoft detailed its plans for the coming year at the Consumer Electronics Show. For the second year, Microsoft CEO
While the Kama Sutra and the Bollywood wet sari scene have been imported from the country, it seems that India
A patent application from Google has been raising eyebrows today. The application is titled Web-Based System for Generation of Interactive
BEFORE finally settling on Seattle as the home of Amazon.com,  founder Jeff Bezos briefly considered placing it on an Indian
After a three-judge panel on Tuesday upheld patent-infringement charges alleged by a small Canadian company, Microsoft has been ordered to
In retaliation against Microsoft's Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor (COFEE), which frequently helps law enforcement officials extract data from password-protected
In an unsurprising move,  the FTC has sued Intel for anti-competitive practices this morning.  It has been a bittersweet year
This past year has been riddled with mistakes for Facebook, most of them having to do with policy changes the
For a technology that's main draw is being fast, 802.11n Wi-Fi was extremely slow in becoming a standard. It took
IBM has just announced the expansion of its server lineup, with a new mainframe system designed specifically for Linux that
Meg Whitman, former eBay chief executive, took the witness stand today to make her case that Craigslist unfairly denied the
According the Google, the company removes from consideration one of its superhuman job candidates every now and then, in an
The Electronic Frontier Foundation and UC Berkeley's Samuelson Center filed suit yesterday in California's Northern District, requesting that the court
Today, Microsoft confirmed that it has been investigating a problem deemed the "black screen of death" by users, which affects
In Australia, children who are being bullied, harassed online will be able to call for help instantly using a "panic
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has had it with BlueHippo, which offers computers on layaway to consumers too poor to
The MPAA has just successfully shut down an entire town's municipal WiFi network because a single user was caught downloading
Reframe It, a new startup releasing a web application,  found itself in the position of having something strikingly similar coming
Bills that would require organizations to notify consumers if their personal information has been compromised have been in the Senate
Electrical engineers at the University of California, San Diego have recently been pitting Apple's Genius music recommender program against their self-proclaimed,
At the inaugural PayPal X Innovate 2009 conference in San Francisco, the company officially announced the PayPal X program, to release APIs.
White spaces, internet connectivity services that run in the unused portion of the television spectrum, have been called "WiFi on steroids" by
Today, pictures and details about Barnes and Noble’s forthcoming e-book reader leaked, and it looks exciting, both inside and out.
At the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern University, a research group has developed a unique new way
For now, the iTunes LP Marketplace is effectively closed to indie artists. A Chicago-based indie label called Chocolate Lab Records
IBM is reportedly facing an antitrust inquiry from the U.S. Department of Justice. Recent actions the company has taken in
Today, a security researcher said that recently leaked Hotmail passwords may already have been used in a plot involving fake
An imprisoned hacker managed to shut down a prison's entire computer system - after wardens gave him the task of
Woolworth's insists that its new logo is simply a stylised 'W', meant to resemble a piece of fresh produce, but
The High Court in the UK has granted permission for an injunction to be served via the social-networking site Twitter.
While using any Apple programs on Windows recently, an odd Apple Software Update dialog box has been popping up, informing
Apparently the US, having not taken reasonable steps to protect its security, is now McKinnon, a hacker, to pick up
Numerous export controls from the Commerce and Treasury departments have recently cast a shadow over the software industry,  proving that
On Thursday, Google announced that it is opening up part of its index to the maker of a high-speed publishing machine
As is always the case with a new operating system, many different performance tests were run by Microsoft to make
The Handelsblatt, a German economic newspaper, reported with an insider quote that the staff at IBM have been given ten
In the United Kingdom on Monday, three men were convicted for organizing a plot to bomb several transcontinental flights. According
AOL Instant Messenger finally made the change this July with a new beta for both Windows and Macs that began a move beyond
People have tried to hack their way into the computers of others since the introduction of the internet. But as hacking
YouTube, the net’s original house of viral videos, is looking to go pro with new major studio films, according to
After the FCC sought comments by August 31 on how the agency should define broadband, some of the biggest U.S.
In Japan, computer scientists say they have discovered a method of breaking the WPA encryption system used in wireless routers
It has long been thought that Windows XP users must be stick in the mud old bags who only stick
At IBM, scientists have been experimenting with using DNA molecules as a way to create miniscule circuits that could then
Twitter, the microblogging program craze, has prompted two researchers to use it as a hedonimeter, or a device that measures
The U.S. government has been covertly testing technology in both China and Iran which lets residents break through firewalls set up by their governments
Google’s Knol has never posed any real threat to Wikipedia, but now the knowledge-sharing site is slowly embarassing itself before
In the recent flurry of YouTube and other sites letting it be known they will no longer support the outdated
During a phone interview today, Marty Moe of AOL outlined the “structural advantages” AOL enjoys over newspapers, magazines, and television
Macbook users who prefer a Windows OS have been suffering for a long time due to how much their preferences
eBay has released a statement detailing why they may have to shut down Skype. Apparently the problem stems from a
At the Georgia Institute for Technology, new software has been developed that can identify spam before it hits a mail
The location of the U.S. Secret Service safe house meant to house the First Family in a national emergency has
Microsoft Corp and Yahoo Inc have finally agreed to a partnership, a move both companies have been working on for
The last time the federal government reviewed their restrictions on HTTP cookies was created amidst privacy fears in 2000 and
In the UK, Karoo serves as the only ISP in the area, and they have had a long held a
This afternoon, Microsoft announced that Windows 7 has been released to manufacturing. Essentially, this means that the new operating system's
Adobe Systems has been called out by Secunia, a firm that exposes software vulnerabilies, for the outdated and unsafe software
Computer scientists at the University of Washington have developed a way to make electronic messages “self destruct” after a certain
Microsoft plans to launch a music streaming service similar to the massively popular British Spotify.  The company aims to have
In a recent survey run by ScriptLogic, nearly six in 10 companies admitted to having no intention of updating to
Amazon has changed the terms of service. Again. This time, the rules surrounding its popular data APIs have made it
Anyone keeping up with computer news is completely aware of the rivalry between Microsoft and Google. But this battle entered
Officials at Microsoft have said that the company expects to begin manufacturing of Windows 7 t before the end of
Apple’s App Store opened a year ago today, early on the morning of July 10, 2008 with an update to
The latest version of Microsoft's Silverlight player was supposed to be released this morning, but  the company's presentation technology for
Microsoft has confirmed today that they were aware of a bug behind an epidemic of Internet Explorer attacks for more
After an excess of two dozen high-level websites in South Korea as well as the United States were hit by
Mozilla is planning to launch a new project called Electrolysis, bringing multiprocess browsing to Firefox. Mozilla claims that doling out
Attention iPhone users: Push instant messaging is now available. This means you can now stay connected to your instant message
The newest version of Apple’s web browseris now available. The company announced Safari 4 is available for download from Apple’s
Your Facebook profile’s URL right now ends in a string of numbers that is not so easy for anyone to
The most popular way to post photos on Twitter has become the photo hosting service Twitpic. But what about that
Zune was down recently as Microsoft updated its site to debut its new content on the website, such as the
Most of today's netbooks on the market run Intel’s Atom processor, which is not powerful enough to handle the high
At the request of the CDC, Google took a look at its previous search data from Mexico. And it found
According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple may manufacture computer processors in house based on anonymous sources, publications on LinkedIn
CompUSA Comes Back From the Dead with about thirty new stores that comes with aggressive prices, remodeled stores, and in-store
Michael Arrington has been on a quest for the past few months to create an inexpensive web tablet. Now photos
Back in the day, orchestras required instruments. Now, orchestras are playing iPhones. One such orchestra is The Stanford University ensemble
Consumer advocacy group FreePress charged Friday that Time Warner Cable is trying to protect its cable TV business from the
According to several reports, the merger of IBM and Sun Microsystems appears to be coming apart, after a chain of
In one day, the laws of motion from a pendulum's swings was calculate by a  powerful computer program - a
Apple and Stanford University will begin offering free videos and course materials on iPhone application development this week. Stanford is
Take it to Best Buy: This Feb. Best Buy has adopted a consumer friendly electronics recycling program. They accept most
If you are ever caught on Facebook or Twittering while  at work,  just tell your boss that doing so  makes
Folks at Playpower.org have found a way to use primitive PCs to help kids learn by bringing affordable computer learning
These days, work can be defined as "that which is accomplished while not distracted by the Internet," Everyone who works
The iPhone's Application Store is becoming a target for pirates who have illegally cracked twenty percent of paid applications. The
Google is forming a $100 million fund to invest in early-stage start-up firms. While fully owned by Google, Google Ventures
As part of its effort to expand beyond desktop computers Skype is planning to launch its service for iPhone users
Google launched free downloads of licensed songs in China today, while sharing advertising revenues earned with major music labels. baidu.com
There are twittering athletes, celebrities, and now even appliances are getting into the twittering craze. The Tweet-a-watt kit from Adafruit
Consumer electronics startups are the new frontier for entrepreneurs. Once thought to be an expensive business skewed in favor of
For simple browsing, e-mailing and perhaps even listening to music, the little laptops are ideal anything. Work related tasks however, are
"AT&T, one of the nation's largest Internet service providers, confirmed on Tuesday the company is working with the recording industry
"I am working with a couple of large companies that are purchasing web and collaboration software stacks from Microsoft, IBM
A critical bug has been discovered that deletes all music from an iPod when it's connected to The songbird Media
At 12:00 pm Thursday, Microsoft attempts to reclaim the Web with its release of Internet Explorer 8, with new features
IBM is in talks to buy Sun Microsystems Inc, sources with knowledge of the matter said, a move that could
 In a State hearing Premier Election Solutions admitted  that the audit logs produced by its tabulation software can miss significant
Gmail overtakes YouTube as 10th most visited US site.  More interestingly, Google's Gmail passed YouTube in order to make the list.
2009 Windows Media Center Ultimate Install Contest promotes Windows Media Center via a custom home installation project. The goal is
Google Turns Voicemail Into E-mail with its latest service: Google Voice. The new service works with Google's Gmail, allowing a person to store  voicemail
Apple has recently introduced a new 4GB iPod shuffle. The new model has no buttons other than the shuffle mode
"Ars Technica has a very thorough post of some of the technologies that Microsoft researchers showed off at TechFest last
Windows 7 beta testers are disputing whether or not Microsoft's is paying attention to their feedback. The argument follows a blog
"In the aftermath of disclosures that Belkin employees for good reviews on Amazon, David Pogue reports in the NYTimes that
Don't let a smart kid hear about this.  I can see hear it now: "But Mom, to become a surgeon I
Have you seen the Mac that fits in the envelope? Or the slick way more and more screens look like
4)    Defragment the memory Well, it's a notebook tips kind of day.  Previously, I wrote about getting a longer
In these tough economic times, replacing a notebook computer is not a desired expense.  Many people believe that when their
This winter there is a new kind of Kindle that is hot. It's not the itty bitty sticks or Duraflame
Yes, we are in the computer support business. And, yes, you would think we do get the customers that we
Does the expression "DRM- Free Pricing" mean anything to you?  Well, if it doesn't now, it may soon affect your
LittleBigPlanet is the latest customisable platform game to gain some attention.  It is designed especially for Sony's Play Station 3
Gee... what a shocker!  With more tech gadgets allowing for music to be played with greater quality and availability, this
... at PC Fixer Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2009! Happy New Year!
Well, as I noted before, it is that time of year for lists. Mostly "Best of" and "Worst of" with
Unlike many youth of previous generations who wondered which house Santa was at on Christmas Eve, or when he would
The answer: $9 billion.  The importanc: That's how much Panasonic has agreed to pay for the purchase of Sanyo.  The
Did you get a flu shot this year? Are you downing the echinacea? Or are you more of a Vitamin
Computer companies are not known for their efficient packaging.  A disc and 50 page instruction manual will arrive in a
Well, you know someone out there is either a) bored, b) procrastinating or c) wishing they had gone to art
Many of you may remember the excitement around 1996 to 1998 over Tamagochis.  The novel virtual pets were cute eggshaped
As with so many December traditions, the Top Ten List seems to dominate.  From Barbara Walters to Yahoo, everyone wants
It never hurts to have a reminder of what to look for.... Make regular back upts of all important files.
Yes, it's true you can actually make some money posting videos on YouTube.  What's even more exciting, is that many
Kids are often much more tech savvy then they think their parents are.  But there are few gadgets today that
Today the White House has announced it's strong opposition to the FCC's recommended free wireless internet plan.  The current administration officials are
Whoo hoo! Today is the mouse's 40th birthday!  And I'm not talking about Walt's adorable cartoon, but that handy device
Have you ever heard of Techmeme.com?  It may not be a common site in most people's www lexicon, but for
Once again, Amazon.com is taking the lead in an effort to dominate the e-commerce world.  Wednesday they made available an
¦lt;br /> According to analyst firm Nielsen Online, mobile internet use is growing while the number of people going online
Going away for a long weekend or holiday vacation? Actually leaving the computer and handset behind? But you know the truth
Does the cost of a new console and the related games intimidate you? But what is more scary, an initial
That's right, the day after Thanksgiving, more commonly known as Black Friday, Apple will be offering discounts on many products,
Yes, you read that correctly.  A 1.4 billion pixel (or 1400 megapixel) camera will scan the night's sky looking for renegade near-Earth
"Two mobile applications, NMobile and Trapster, are giving drivers up-to-date maps of speed-enforcement zones with live police traps, speed cameras or
Lately it seems that the videos of YouTube are less about the general public trying to find their 15 minutes of
In a valiant effort to compete with the iPhone (and AT&T's cash flow due to their association), Verizon welcomes the
Are you an avid gamer? Do you ever leave your machine on, even though the game is over?  More and
In the world of the PC, PC Magazine is an industry standard magazine. Founded in 1982, it was at times so
According to Mozilla and other sources, Firefox 2 and Gecko 1.8 will soon be left behind some time in mid-December.
Microsoft Corp.  announced yesterday the next generation of Windows Live -- an integrated set of online services that make it easier
Yesterday, November 12, 2008, MySpace COO Amit Kapur announced that his company is working on its own payments and virtual
Your typical videogame controller modification is usually for looks, style or function. But rarely are they ever for necessity. However,
Gmail's budding reputation as a communication hub for more than just e-mail received a major endorsement today with the addition
Don't you ever wonder where branding names come from?  Ten years ago the terms iPod and Wikipedia wouldn't have had
According to an article published Monday in the Sydney Morning Herald, Facebook has been infiltrated by Nigerian scammers and other
Spammers are turning a profit despite only getting one response for every 12.5m e-mails they send, finds a study. By
 According to the Verizon website, whether traveling to Europe for an international conference or to Asia for a business meeting,
AT&T announced plans on Thursday to acquire Wi-Fi network provider Wayport in an estimated $275 million cash deal. The acquisition expands
Microsoft has launched a broad new effort, known as Microsoft BizSpark, to help entrepreneurs and startups get off the ground
In a move that’s not terribly surprising, Google announced via blog post today that it is scrapping its search advertising
The good folks at Mozilla are trumpeting a new report by global analytics service Net Applications that documented a 20%
According to today's Apple website, Mark Papermaster is joining the Apple company as senior vice president of Devices Hardware Engineering,
News sites and political blogs are expecting extraordinary traffic tonight as Americans track results of the Presidential election, and are
Though many previously bundled applets now will ship separately to Windows 7, Windows Media Player remains part of the core
Thursday AOL announced that social networks are front and center in the latest redesign of their homepage AOL.com.  The company announced it will
It's something you can't get on the Roku. Nor on LG's BD300. Nor on Samsung's P2500 / P2550 Blu-ray players.
Twenty-five years ago, The Flaming Lips burst out of Oklahoma City with deafening noise and ambition to spare. Today, it
Increasing storage and probability of hard disk failure will crash into eachother in a year or so.  Apparently, RAID 6 isn't far behind. 
For those who no longer have a television or whose schedules don't coincide with the timing, watching live TV events can be
Blizzcon is a semi-regular convention held by Blizzard Entertainment to celebrate their major franchises: Warcraft, Diablo & Starcraft. This year's
Through various sources, including a Fox News report, there have been large-scale and possibly ongoing security breaches at the World Bank.
Finally after nine years, on Tuesday the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) awarded Apple and inventor Steve Jobs
Has gaming for "real dollars" left the internet and arrived on your favorite console?  If not now, apparently very soon.
For use by members of the US House, provided that they use it for "official purposes" and not personal, commercial,
I just returned home from a nice vacation in Kauai.  I was surprised at how few internet cafes there were. 
"In what may be the least astonishing news of the day, some major US companies who say they are environmentally
"According to an article in NewScientst Tech, there is now software that can identify the amount of spin in a
Apple rolled out version 2.1 of its iPhone software last Friday, and widespread reports suggest that it successfully fixes numerous problems,
If we take the word of Citigroup analyst Richard Gardner, the much rumored new aluminum MacBooks are already winging their
"Gameplayer has gone live with their winners for the best gaming laptops money can buy as of Q3 2008. The
MarketWatch reports that Best Buy has decided to spend 54 million dollars to purchase Napster. In total the deal amounts to approximately
"Microsoft has defended the Internet Explorer 8 tool that suggests sites based on URLs typed into its address bar, claiming
"Scientists in Pisa, Italy claim to have set a new world record for the fastest wireless data transmission. They report
In the U.S., the movie and video industries continue to search for what they feel to be acceptable ways to let
As part of Windows Vista's $300 million marketing rehabilitation, Microsoft will initially hire a wave of 'Windows Gurus to walk
The two brothers from Studio 1-on-1 in Venice, CA run the best personal training center in all of the Los
"With costs related to a rogue network administrator's hijacking of the city's network now city officials say they are searching
Today I had the pleasure of working for Creative Environments in Hollywood.  This property management company runs a 48 unit
Today  visited Eric at Hoverview Investigations.  He is an amazing private invesitgator and you can check out his website at
I dont know if any of you other techs out there have had a lot of dealings with Sage.  The
PC Fixer has invested somewhat in Search Engine Optimization and is somewhat happy with the results.  As we have learned,
Today we struggled with Verizon to support their Westel DSL modem router.  It always amazes me how Internet Service Providers
So many of these are infecting Los Angeles computers lately.  It isnt that they are unremovable, it is just that
PC Fixer started it's business building custom audio computers way back in 1995.  Those were the days.  Samplitude, Cakewalk, Wavelab,
PC Fixer in Los Angeles has been perfecting the PC tuneup process for over 13 years.  Want to make your
Being a computer consultant in Los Angeles can be a challenge.  Having the correct software is crucial to our work. 
PC Fixer sees quite a bit of malware infections in the Los Angeles Computer Repair business.  Recently Vista Antivirus has
Eastern Car Care in East Los Angeles had a problem:  Their gas station management software just stopped opening.  Mysteriously they
I didnt have to fight one virus or spyware today! This is highly unusual. I think it is because I
I opened the dead computer case today to find a motherboard heatsink clip had pulled loose from the motherboard.  I
Today I visited SignZone in Los Angeles.  They have so many different machines...expensive printing machines.  Roland Plotter Cutter Model # CX-500 is
I made a visit to ProTech today on my day off.  What a waste of 2 hours.  I was defeated
As this is my second blog, I have to wonder what my angle is.  I realize that there are millions
Hello all, this is Captain Robert of the SS PC Fixer.  Another day, another virus extinguished.  I cant help but

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