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Hollywood, West Hollywood Computer Services

West Hollywood computer repair & same-day tough virus removalFrom the east end of Hollywood in the Los Feliz neighborhood to the West Hollywood neighborhood below the Sunset Strip, when you need computer repair services you can rely on the team from PC Fixer. Our experts are ready to provide either on-site or remote assistance to anxious computer users. When you need speedy help with your repair issues, we deliver the best.

General Services

When something goes wrong with your computer, do you know how to determine what it is? Many computer and laptop users do not. Their first reaction to a computer that stops functioning properly is often “I can’t afford a new one right now!” Anywhere from Little Armenia to West Hollywood’s Melrose shops is familiar territory for us, and we can meet you on your home ground. We can step in and help you find a budget-friendly solution to fixing or replacing your computer. We start with a careful diagnostic evaluation of the malfunction. Once we know what is really going wrong, we can explain your options.

An introductory list of services you can get from PC Fixer includes:
• Computer Cabling
• Laptop Repair
• Computer Sales
• Computer Repair
• IT Services
• Computer Networking

Don’t fall into panic if your  desktop computer, laptop, server, or any other computing device develops a problem. Our experts can assist you in finding a workable solution for what can be wrong.

Computer Cabling

Tough viruses removed in Hollywood with our remote malware remover toolPeople don’t often think of the cabling as affecting their computer functionality. But making sure that cables are properly connected, working correctly, and have not become frayed or damaged is one of the key elements to a properly working system or network. Do you have the proper cables for connecting your in-house network, or your peripherals like the printer or scanner? We can help you with these.

Laptop Repair

Laptops can be challenging to repair, because of the solid-state interiors. We handle them carefully and can quickly determine whether or not the parts are available to give you a cost-effective repair. You can rely on our team of skilled technicians to handle any type of laptop repair you need.

Computer Sales

If you are in the market for a custom-built computer that will respond to your special needs, consult with our experts. We can build the machine of your dreams once we know exactly what you will be using your computer for. We also offer well-refurbished computers if you need a replacement on a budget. We can adapt components to meet your needs, and keep you computing without the loss of too much time.

Computer Repair

If your primary desktop computer goes on the fritz, contact us and describe the problem you are facing. We can check out your machine and determine which component is the source of the problem. If the difficulty originates in the hardware, we can find a solution and possible replacement part that will suit your budget. If the problem lies with the software, our experts can sort that out.

IT Services

Many large companies maintain their own IT Departments that are always on call to solve problems, especially software problems. But for small businesses and individuals, the solution is to have IT experts you can contact and hire on an as-needed basis. PC Fixer has the team for you. We can sweep for malware, load new programs and train you in using them, provide data recovery, and any other IT related service.

Computer Networking

If you have multiple computers and peripherals for your small business or residence and need to make sure they are all adequately connected, contact us and well will help you arrange your system to have the most efficient and protected network possible. We will explain the concerns of protecting from intrusive malware for home networks. We can install the most effective firewalls and malware shields available in your business.


Wherever you are in the cluster of neighborhoods of Hollywood and WeHo, from the store-front restaurants of Thai Town to the delicatessens on Fairfax, the PC Fixer team will give you the best IT services available in the greater Los Angeles region. Contact us today for the solution to your computer problems.

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