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Koreatown, Mid-Wilshire Computer Services

Mid-Wilshire & Koreatown home computer repair service

If your residence or business is located in the Koreatown or Mid-Wilshire areas, you can turn to PC Fixer to help you with your computer problems. We have established ourselves as the best computer services available in the greater Los Angeles region and we bring you fast, efficient repairs and services when you truly need them.  Whether you need remote assistance or onsite consultation, our team is ready to deliver the help you require.

General Services

From the small restaurants and businesses that serve Koreatown to the clusters of homes and shops in the museum district of Mid-Wilshire, there are many computer users who may not know where to turn for help with their computers. PC Fixer is here to help you with all your computer needs.

If you need help with any of the following, PC Fixer can deliver solutions:

  • IT Services
  • Computer Sales
  • Computer Repair
  • Laptop Repair
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Cabling

Should you require our expert assistance on-site, you can be sure that out technicians know the Wilshire corridor, as well as the Vermont, Western and Fairfax corridors. We know how to find you when you need us.

IT Services

Koreatown laptop screen repair, MacBook & iPhone screen repairMany ordinary computer users do not think about the possibility of needing IT services for their personal machines. So when they run into virus infections, loss of data due to crashes, or problems with learning an unfamiliar but necessary program, they don’t know where to find assistance. The PC Fixer team, however, is trained to help you in these areas. We are pleased to give our customers these services, which will help them have better over-all computer experiences.

Computer Sales

If you are contemplating getting a new machine, you can seek the advice of our team. We can help you select the best computer for your needs, because not all computers are created equal. For instance, if you anticipate doing a lot of graphics work with complex renderings, you will need a computer that has a powerful video card, something most laptops do not have. If you are concerned about costs, we can offer finely refurbished computers and laptops that will suit your budget. We even custom build desktop computers for businesses and individuals.

Computer Repair

One of the biggest concerns for many users is access to reliable computer repair services. Our technicians are well trained and experienced working with all types of systems. We will run diagnostics on your machine and determine what is malfunctioning, whether it is a software or a hardware issue. We will then explain what your options are for repair. We have no interest in talking you into purchases you do not need, for it wastes your time and ours. We will be clear and concise about what you may need for your ailing computer.

Laptop Repair

We recognize that laptop users have a great need for an effective, working machine. When a laptop needs repair, we try to be as speedy with the work as possible, so that your valuable device can be returned to you in good working order. Because we are familiar with all makes and models of laptops, we are also aware of how easy or difficult it may be to acquire the parts needed for your repairs – and we will let you know of those possibilities.

Computer Networking

If you are a small business that has to coordinate several workstations, or a residence that needs to network several devices for family members, our team can arrange the best networking option for you. The security of multiple devices in a network can also be a concern, and we provide the means to secure your computers and networks, with anti-virus software and internet firewalls.

Computer Cabling

The task of laying out cables for multiple computing devices can be tricky at times. Making sure that the cables for your computer, the monitor, incoming internet lines, and connections to printers and scanners are all safely placed can be a challenge. Laying cords around furniture, placing them under rugs, and folding them back on themselves can all create problems if they are not done with care and awareness. We are experts at this and can give you the best, safest service in laying your cables.


From the East End of Koreatown to the western edge of the Mid-Wilshire district, our team of computer experts are waiting to give you prompt, effective services. Contact us today if you need any assistance with computer matters.

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