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Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Westchester Computer Services

Whether you reside in the affluent seaside community of Marina Del Rey, the sprawling neighborhoods of adjacent Playa Del Rey, or in the comfortable climes of trendy Westchester, life becomes a challenge when your computers become stop working properly.

When you need computer repair services, PC Fixer provides the very best in the greater Los Angeles region. We can arrive at your doorstep with on-site assistance to deal with your pesky problems, whether you are near the dunes in the Del Rey Hills area or farther inland.

Marina del Rey home computer repair & business computer services

General Services

If dealing with computer problems sets your head spinning like the rides at the Santa Monica Pier, we can help you sort out what could be going wrong with your desktop or laptop. You can feel assured that we can address any of your concerns. We bring quality computer repair services to your doorstep, whether you are located near historic Playa Del Rey or anywhere on the Marina Peninsula. We can address everything from hardware problems to computer virus difficulties.

Services that PC Fixer can provide include:

  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Cabling
  • Laptop Repair
  • Computer Repair
  • Computer Sales
  • IT ServicesPlaya del Rey IT consulting & Westchester business computer services

Our team of technicians are all Apple Certified and Microsoft Certified for repairs, so you do not need to turn to any other repair service, no matter what type of computers you have. We are familiar with them all.

Computer Networking

If you are a small business in Westchester or have a home in Playa Del Rey with multiple computers that you need to have connected, we can assist you with all your networking  challenges. All computer security issues with a network of devices can be addressed by our experts. We will make sure that all the devices can communicate securely and easily with each other. We can also make sure that your in-house wifi signals are properly secured, so that you do not have outsiders stealing your bandwidth or data.

Computer Cabling

When it comes to connecting all your computing equipment, it is easy to get all the cords and cables tangled up. There are hidden concerns that many users don’t think of when laying out the cables for computers, printers, and other peripheral devices: furniture sitting on top of cords, cables intruding on walking pathways, having the correct cabling to connect everything. Our team can design and lay out a system of cabling so that your incoming internet line and the placement of your modem works with the greatest success for your location.

Westchester & El Segundo home computer services & tough virus removal

Laptop Repair

If anything, the communities of Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey and Westchester are populated with hard-working, on-the-go people for whom a fully functioning laptop is very important. We have the expertise to give you the very best repair services for your ailing laptop, no matter what make of machine you use. We pride ourselves on speedy repair services, and come to you wherever you are in these communities.

Computer Repair

When your primary computer systems need attention, whether it is a hardware or a software problem, our training and expertise allow us to provide top notch support. We refurbish many machines, to update them for current usage.  Even though many people have moved to smaller devices for immediate use, keeping the primary desktop computer up-to-date and functioning can be a challenge. Because we work with all types of devices, you can rely on our team to give you the expert repairs and maintenance you need.

Computer Sales

We can provide custom designed computers that meet your specific needs. If you are working with 3D rendering, you will need a high-powered video processor, which may be beyond the reach of an ordinary computer. Some businesses and professions have extraordinary computing needs, and we can build you machines that will perform effectively for your work. If a new custom designed computer is beyond your budget, our refurbished machines may more than satisfy your requirements. Talk with our consultants about your needs.

IT Services

Few ordinary computer users think of the possibility that they might require the services of IT experts. And yet when an unexpected malware infestation affects their computers, they may not know what to do about it. Our team can help you with these issues. We are trained in virus removal, sweeping for malware on your hard drive, data recovery after sudden crashes, and other sorts of problematic events. When you tell us what has gone wrong, we will sort out a solution for you.


No matter where you are in the Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, and Westchester areas, we can bring our professional training and experience to your aid in short order and provide you with the very best on on-site service. Contact us today at 310-948-0588 and we will arrange speedy service for you.

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