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Data Recovery in Los Angeles

Data recovery is a burgeoning industry, one that is of ever increasing value and importance in Los Angeles and beyond. As more and more industries are relying on computers, and therefore hard drives, to store their data, these systems need to be tended to and verified as healthy.

pcfixer can repair crashed hard drives and provide data recovery

Backup Solutions

Data backup solutions are of utmost importance, whether it be on site backup hard drives or a cloud storage based storage option. However, all computer systems will at some point face a problem or type of failure.

Data Recovery

When a hard drive fails, and no backup is available, all the data from a computer system may be lost. A data recovery specialist will need to be contacted in order to attempt a restoration. Statistics show that businesses that lose important data, whether it be sales history, inventory or a client list, suffer from a 90% rate of failure the following year. A data backup is of utmost importance. If not available at the time of disaster, Tier 2 and up data recovery is called in, often starting upwards of $500 for the service.

Types of Recovery Services

Data recovery services take on a variety of scenarios, from algorithm and software based recovery; to hardware based recovery.

Hardware recovery involves disassembling the disk drive, and scanning the magnetic surface of the individual storage platters inside of a clean room and with a special machine. These repairs are performed within a level 5 clean room, and herein lies reasoning for the vast cost (usually over $1500).

Software recovery comes into play when a drive is accessible on the hardware side of things. This means a computer system can recognize the drive as being there, but the actual data may be corrupted or not usable. Cost involved for this type of recovery can range from $300 to $1000 depending on the individual case. Special programs have been designed that can bring back a “lost” partition, or simply pull raw data from the disk drive whenever and however accessible said data may be. This yields mixed results depending on the type of hard drive damage present.

Computer Maintenance

The moral of this story is computer maintenance is always cheaper than repair. Have computer systems attended to by an IT professional, make sure all important data is backed up, preferably 2 or  3 times over (redundant backups), and have a great day!

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