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A Guide to Antivirus Software

Creating and providing antivirus software is a big industry in today’s business world. Any L.A. computer repair expert can tell you that just as the criminal syndicates that create these viruses continue to grow and expand, antivirus software developers and researchers must adapt and evolve. This industry sector is big money, because any large or small business that is concerned with their computer and IT security (and EVERY one should be) must purchase and continue using yearly licenses to keep their antivirus solution up and running.

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Know the Antivirus Software Available

Because of the cost involved, and the risks one takes when deciding upon which software to choose, it is important to be on top of the reviews, word of mouth and technical specs that an antivirus solution has to offer. One important difference in performance among various services to consider is the speed at which the software operates and, consequently, the speed at which it allows the computer to run.

Antivirus Definitions

Additionally, the span of the software and supporting system’s virus definitions is an important consideration. These definitions make up a massive database that the antivirus software accesses in order to analyze the computers files and determine whether the system is infected or not.

Types of Malware

Viruses and other forms of malware often masquerade as important system files, utilizing the same name and registry address as an existing file to hide in the system. Antivirus software will scan the file, and using special techniques and algorithms. If the definition of the file differs from the standard information, it is flagged as a different process and is further analyzed to either be deleted or quarantined.

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Check the Costs

Cost is the next option to consider, as well as the features needed for an end user’s particular situation. Antivirus software companies use a subscription service to keep the software active. The price ranges usually fall between $20 to $100 a year for home users, and upwards of $200 per year for multiple machines in a business situation.

Different options that are available include Mail Antivirus protection, active browsing protection, server access protection, additional firewalls and VPN services. Depending on your use and business, some of these options are vital for protection of important information and keeping the infrastructure free of snags and downtime.

Check the Solutions

When shopping for antivirus solutions, always be sure to use a system that provides active protection and that will automatically update. In addition, for small and large businesses, check what deals are available for enterprise licenses and multiple computers and/ or servers. This helps save vast amounts of money, as well as offering the ability to link an antivirus subscription account across the entire business infrastructure, which allows the service to better suit the business needs and to offer faster support and performance.

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