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Studio City and Sherman Oaks

pcfixer-studio-cityIn Studio City and Sherman Oaks, from the edge of Universal City all the way over to the 405, if you are seeking computer services, PC Fixer overs comprehensive services for all your needs. When you need on the spot help with technology problems our expert technicians can address almost any difficulty. We specialize in on-site help as well as consulting by remote connections with our regular clients.

General Services

In the neighborhoods all along Ventura Boulevard, when writers, small businesses, and individual homes find that things are going wrong with their laptops and desktop computers, they want to receive expert help in any repairs that they may need. Studio City residents can be certain that PC Fixer offers them many services that make computing life easier.

A reference list of the general services that PC Fixer can off your:

  • Laptop Repair
  • Computer Repair
  • Computer Cabling
  • Computer Sales
  • Computer Networking
  • IT Services

If you need these services, whether you are located near the CBS Studio Center or over by the 405 and the Sherman Oaks Galleria, our team can find you and bring specialists in them to you at your site.

Laptop Repair

Many people these days use their laptops for almost all their computing requirements. So should a difficulty arise with the laptop, finding swift and competent help can be crucial. Our team can come quickly to any location in Sherman Oaks.   We can conduct a speedy diagnosis of the machine and let you know the specifics of what could be ailing the device. Since they have been both Apple Certified and Microsoft Certified, our staff can handle any type of laptop that you use. From motherboard problems to monitor difficulties, we can bring you solutions.

Computer Repair

pcfixer-studio-city-laptopFor those who use desktops for work, having access to reliable computer repair services will provide great relief. Our team can address both hardware and software problems. When it comes to hardware repairs, we can evaluate whether the parts can be replaced, and if so, secure the best parts for you at reasonable prices. If replacement is not possible, we can offer refurbished machines.  If software issues are troubling you, our expert can give your computer a full sweep. We do virus removal and data recovery. You are in good hands with us.

Computer Cabling

People do not always pay attention to how their cabling is laid out in their home or work space. But out team can make sure that not only are all your cords in good condition, but that they are laid out to avoid being broken by heavy furniture, or in places where they might trip up passers-by. Our team knows the importance of making sure that your cables and power cords are in a good state, because you do not want to run the risk of broken wires causing shorts or fires.

Computer Sales

If anyone in the Studio City and Sherman Oaks corridor has a need for a new computer, PC Fixer can help on that front. If costs are a concern for you, we offer customers refurbished machines that have been carefully prepared. We can even prepare them specifically to meet your needs. We also offer special customized machines that are built to your order, just exactly what you want it to be. We can build them for businesses as well as individuals, designed to meet the needs of your small company better than a machine off the shelf.

Computer Networking

Getting individual computers and laptops to talk to each other involves setting up a network, not just connecting outward to the internet. Making sure you home local area network is secure and efficient can take a bit of expertise. You want to be sure that you have adequate firewalls and security in place, so that outsiders are not stealing your bandwidth. Our experts can make sure your system is carefully set up. We can make sure that all your home devices are properly protected when your network is set up.

IT Services

For small businesses in the Sherman Oaks and Studio City area, having access to the IT services of an expert team can be a huge advantage. By using the PC Fixer team, you know that you have the best IT services at your beck and call. Program installation and training, virus removal and data recovery, solving all software problems are readily available to you without you having the expense of maintaining your own IT department.

Contact PC Fixer today for the best of computer services. We can bring the best computer help to you anywhere along the Ventura Freeway, with on-site visits. We know how important having functioning computers and laptops are to everyone, and we make sure you have answers and solutions as quickly as possible.

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