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USB Port repair

USB Port repair can be a troublesome issue.  Lets see, what happens?  You accidentally rip your cable out and it breaks the internal connector?  No problem, tech experts can fix it for $119 flat at PC Fixer Mac and PC Repair in Culver City. When we fix this particular issue, we solder in a new connector or connector board.  We dont waste time trying to fix your old connector as some computer repair companies do.  In fact, we fix it and we fix it right the first time.  We are one of the only repair services in Los Angeles that solders repairs to component level in-house.  We take pride in our repairs and we have being doing them for 12 years.  Call our experts any time for free advice. Read more

Another day, another malware infection defeated

As this is my second blog, I have to wonder what my angle is.  I realize that there are millions of blogs so why would anybody read mine?  It isnt like it has the mass appeal of www.whatwhitepeoplelike.com but I am hoping that it may find it's way into the hearts of the common computer do-it-yourselfers.  After all, I know that I would have loved to know more about what the life of a real bad-code counter-puncher was like.  I hope there will be some information that is helpful to the world.  Eventually I will find a better, more interesting angle but for now I will just write about what happens. Today I went to Boston Pizza Company to deal with a surveillance DVR with my friend John Vaughan, owner of www.everyanglelp.com.  It was... --

What a day…PC Fixer fighting viruses in Los Angeles again

Hello all, this is Captain Robert of the SS PC Fixer.  Another day, another virus extinguished.  I cant help but feel that this will not be the last time.  There was trouble getting out the door and rescheduling for a client who I dont think remembered his appointment today.  Eventually I ended up at Mulholland Security where I fought with a nasty infection.  This infection took over his system and disabled so many different things.  For example, it disabled the control panel, it disabled the all programs on the start menu, it disabled the c drive under my computer, it disabled the task manager too!  In fact, all of these were disabled in safe mode even.  It even put a little "Virus Warning" text message next to the time.  Nice touch.  As if there were... --

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