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Facebook’s New Privacy Means Meeting Mark Zuckerberg

This past year has been riddled with mistakes for Facebook, most of them having to do with policy changes the site's users disagree with, but the company has managed to squeezo one more, especially embarassing one in at the very last. As a result of a new policy that by default makes users' profiles, photos and friends lists completely available on the web and viewable by anyone, approximately 300 personal photos of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg became publicly available. According the the new privacy controls, all user profiles are exposed to the web unless users are proactive about limiting such access. These kinds of mix ups strongly suggest that user concerns about the new settings are justified. Mark Zuckerberg's... --

Amazon’s APIs Off Limits

Amazon has changed the terms of service. Again. This time, the rules surrounding its popular data APIs have made it so that it is no longer possible to access Amazon data from any mobile devices. Perhaps the oddest element of these new TOS, not only are mobile apps barred access to the APIs, they can’t even use data from the APIs if the actual access is done with a desktop app. The relevant line of the TOS, section 4e, reads: “You will not, without our express prior written approval requested via this link, use any Product Advertising Content on or in connection with any site or application designed or intended for use with a mobile phone or other handheld device.” For now, it would seem that mobile apps that want to access Amazon’s APIs are simply... --

Windows 7 is Coming, but When?

Officials at Microsoft have said that the company expects to begin manufacturing of Windows 7 t before the end of the month. They have been less forthcoming about exactly when users will be able to get their hands on the product — other than users who buy new PCs with it preloaded starting October 22. On July 10, however, Microsoft notified its reseller partners that it plans to allow business users who’ve purchased volume licenses plus Software Assurance contracts to get Windows 7 before the end of July. Earlier in the year, Microsoft officials acknowledged they were offering Software Assurance users Windows 7 incentives, but didn’t spell out the particulars. It is believed by insiders that Microsoft is about a week away from RTMing Windows 7. This week, as part of its announcement that Steven Sinofsky... --

Silverlight 3 Keeps Flash on its Toes

The latest version of Microsoft's Silverlight player was supposed to be released this morning, but  the company's presentation technology for graphics and video on the web arrived late Thursday night. The small, free plug-in download from Microsoft Is cross-browser and cross-platform, so it runs on Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Silverlight 3 is Microsoft’s player for streaming video and audio content, dealing with rich internet apps and displaying animated user interfaces in the browser. When compared to Flash, Silverlight's video capabilities hae always been impressive, and the extra features in this new version should keep the competition going. Microsoft's Expression Studio 3, a set of tools for building Silverlight apps, standards-based websites and vector graphics for the web, is due out next. Courtesy of webmonkey.com... --

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