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Bluetooth Benefits (Bluenefits)

Nowadays just about all new computers, tablets, and smartphones come with a wireless technology built in called Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows for your device to sync up wirelessly to another device within 30 feet’s distance. Any LA computer repair expert can help you with all the technical details, but this article will cover the basics.

iPhone screen repair and Bluetooth troublshooting


This type of wireless connection has many different functionalities in the real world, but one of the most common uses is for earpieces used in tandem with smartphones. As there are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to the reality of EMF radiation and our computing devices, the safest thing now is to not hold up a cellular device to our head for an extended amount of time. That’s where Bluetooth enabled earpieces come in handy. You’ve probably seen people walking around with some futuristic Star Trek device hanging off their ear and talking out loud but no one is around to answer back. Well that’s a Bluetooth enabled earpiece!  Believe it or not, the person is having a phone conversation through his/her Bluetooth headset. It’s safer than holding the phone up to your head. Take my word for it.



Additional common uses of this wireless technology are Bluetooth speakers. This allows you to listen to music stored on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or any other Bluetooth device through a matching Bluetooth enabled speaker. No more auxiliary cords necessary, just another wireless hookup which especially comes in handy when hosting a party and playing tunes stored on your iPhone. You definitely don’t want to miss any calls from stragglers who are locked outside your door. This way you can keep your phone on your person but still play DJ as well. Best of both worlds!



Bluetooth keyboards are another common item in the computing world, especially for owners of tablets that have a tough time adjusting to touchscreen typing. That just doesn’t feel natural. Now you can use a Bluetooth keyboard instead. So handy.

Multiple Hosts

Bluetooth devices can be paired up with multiple hosts – another excellent feature. They have a memory built in so that once you pair it up, it should remember the device so you won’t have to pair it up again the next time you use it. Sometimes the process can be buggy and you may have to re-pair occasionally or even call a tech expert, but on the whole the memory tends to do its job and remember as it should.

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