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Free Office Apps of the Day

Busy computer users often seek out useful office apps to help them with their tasks. These days, the smartphones in our hands are actually extremely powerful mini computers. Although it may take some time getting accustomed to the touchscreen keyboard, once you master that then you really have the world at your fingertips. Even if you need smartphone or iPhone repairs Los Angeles specialists can make sure you don’t lose any of your apps.

Android and iPhone data recovery and repair

Many office apps are right in your hand.

Useful Applications

Most smartphones already come with a set of useful office based applications such as Notepad, Reminders, Calculator, and similar. However there are loads more available if you just seek them out, and many of them are free. Here’s a few of our current favorite Free Office Apps.

  • ·         Dropbox allows you  to view and sync all your data stored up in the cloud through the service of the same name which you’re accustomed to viewing on your computer. Dropbox allows at least 5Gb of free storage in the cloud, and you upgrade to larger amounts for a small fee.
  • ·         Google Drive allows for access to all the Google suite of office type programs. It used to be called Google Documents but recently went through a makeover. It’s free and extremely useful.
  • ·         Pages is an excellent word processor app. Its made by Apple and is their version of Microsoft Word, optimized for the iPhone and iPad. It allows you to save documents as a Pages file, or .doc, or .PDF. This one costs $1.99 but is well worth the 2 bucks.
  • ·         PlainText and DraftPad are simple, user-friendly word processing app’s with none of the unnecessary bells and whistles. It’s just a blank white page and text – sometimes that’s all you need. They’re free as well.
  • ·         LogMeIn is a free app that compliments the web-based service typically used on computers to remotely log into another computer utilzing the same program. For example, this allows you to log onto your computer at the office from your computer at home. Now you get that same access from your smartphone!

As you can see, you now can have business computing services on the go from the machine in your pocket.  Go nuts!

iPhone screen repair and data recovery in Los Angeles

There are many powerful tools available for your handheld device.


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