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What’s The Picture With Computer Repair?

Wherever we are in Los Angeles, most of us take for granted the workings of our computer monitors, trusting that the picture and text arrive in front of us the way it is supposed to be.  We hardly ever think about how the process works.  We don’t consider elements of video processing or screen resolution or any of the other factors that bring a wealth of imagery and information to us, at least not until we might need some sort of Los Angeles computer repairs.

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There are many options for video editing hardware and software.


Video Processing

The term “video processing” refers to the means by which signals of images are delivered to devices and translated into actual images. If a device provides for the viewing of video files or streams, then it contains components which process those images. The video components have a multitude of elements that support the presenting the picture to the user

  • Control of the aspect ratio
  • Adjustments for brightness and contrast, hue and saturation
  • Conversion of the frame rate
  • Enhancement of details and edges
  • Motion compensation

These and other elements can be controlled by chips or by a unit that plays middle-man between the image source and the display.

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Screen Resolution

Once the image data transmission reaches the device, it is then translated to the display screen. Whether it is a computer monitor or a television screen, the same general application methods of image processing are used. The details that make the image clear on the screen are part of what is called display resolution.

Display resolution for screens, whether they are computer monitors or digital televisions or any other display device, is defined by the number of individual pixels along each dimension of the display. The height and width of the screen is usually given not in the inches, but rather in the pixel count along that edge. The resolution of the displays for cathode ray tubes and projection displays are measured by slightly different methods, and we need not concern ourselves with those here.

When measured in units of pixels, an example the measurements of a screen will look like “1024 x 768”. What that means is that the width of the screen is 1024 pixels while the height of it is 768. The image data is processed to display to best advantage, regardless of the pixel count. Such are the wonders of modern technology.

When your screens develop problems, consult with experts. Some monitor problems for computers can be repaired, so that you need not replace them. They will also be able to determine whether the problems can be resolved at all. They can certainly give you advice about the best selections available for your needs.

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