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    Robert Portillo is my computer guru. He is available when I need his services, he is expert with making the computer do the applications that you want or need the computer to perform, and he explains things clearly and understandably in English.Though I knew him well for his expertise in the PC world, Robert Portillo is a master of the Mac. I was unable to send and receive emails with my new Mac computer. Robert restored all functions to my private and office email accounts. He did some methodical trouble shouting (and perhaps a little magic) and within an hour, I was able to send and receive email in all my accounts on the Mac without loosing any ability on the PC.

    He’s helped configure my cell phone, he’s put together easy backup systems for me, configuring and connecting printers as well as how to get the most fun out of applications using the iPod and mP3 players. He goes way beyond being an expert technician and anticipates your needs based on your interests and your work.

    Dr. Ronald Smith